Friday, April 15, 2011

Finding the answers you need in the Bible.

Thank God for Al Gore's invention of the internet. J/k and if you don't understand it, it's an old joke, but I digress.

Although I'm a big proponent of reading the Bible, I have a tendency to get a little lost. Sometimes when I'm looking for a passage that I know exists in scripture, but I can't remember the address, I get a little overwhelmed.

But God still prevails and has given us another tool. The internet and now smart phones. The ability to type in what the scripture says and find it's address is the best thing ever. I never thought I would go into church with my phone in my hand to follow and look up scripture as the pastor is reading it off. I currently use the Bible app. I can look up the scripture in a number of translations...(this is needed because our pastor likes the NKJV, I like the NASB and our small group leader uses the NIV.) It seems convoluted but in reality it is very cool. Reading the different translations allows me to see the subtle differences and the different in wording for a better understanding of what It's (Bible) trying to tell me.

Now don't get me wrong, reading the Bible in it's entirety is highly recommended. Not only from me but God himself. How else are you going to know what He wants to tell you. 2 Tim 3:16.

But using the internet and your smart phone to continue your pursuit for the Kingdom, is an awesome app.

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