Monday, March 15, 2010

I will be praying for you.

Really? or is this just some psuedo Christian term to give people to false hope that, yes, there is someone praying and interceding on their behalf?

How many times have you heard that phrase? More than a dozen? Do you think that everyone that makes this promise is actually adding you to a list of their prayers? It's a shame, but I'm inclined to think that we as humans are so far into our needs that we're lucky if we pray for one specific person just once.

Here's the thing. Life happens, things change, news evolves, needs change, wants change...can I really sit in peace knowing that someone is praying for me on a daily basis - even with all the other things that are happening in this world? Shame on you if you're one of those people that tells people you're praying for them and don't.

How many times have you heard if given an option that someone will say, I don't know, I'll pray about it? Are they....or is that just a delay in having to answer.

Now I'm not bashing praying, I believe it is our life-line here on Earth, but what I don't like is people telling me they're praying for me and knowing that they're really not.

I'm human...I will say I'll be praying for you...and here's what happens. Life...I forget...I don't always end up doing so; so my habit now is that I will pray for that person at least once, right there, right now. My forgetter works I need to adapt.

Life on this planet is hard enough without having to decipher who your real friends are. Who the people are that really care about you...who is willing to pick up a telephone versus a text or Facebook/Tweet message. I'm really tired trying to figure it all out. Aren't you? If i haven't been as good as a friend as I make myself out to be, please tell me...I truly want to know. NO BS here. And for Pete's Sake, if you tell someone you're praying for them...DO IT! If you're not going to, then don't say you are.

Thanks for letting me share.